Our range L'EMPREINTE marks the trace of the winegrower and the TERROIR.

The geology of Alsace is a real mosaic, from granite to limestone, clay, schist, sandstone; this great variety of soils, occupying an area of about 15500 hectares, is conducive to the blossoming of many grape varieties.

The imprint of the terroir gives Alsace wines an extra soul; a touch that is both singular and complex.

Rich, complex, unique wines with a strong personality!

Our EMPREINTE range is composed of Zellberg, Grands Crus Muenchberg and Moenchberg Vendanges Tardives and Vieilles Vignes.

*Zellberg : Marly-limestone soils:

They are composed of thick deposits of clay (marl) and limestone pebbles that form a rock called conglomerate whose evolution is slow and not very visible. The powerful contribution of the marl is supported by a beautiful long and complex acidity.

The wines are generous and long in their youth, and age admirably by mineralizing. The greater the proportion of limestone, the more finesse the wine develops.

*Grand Cru Muenchberg: The soil and subsoil are formed of 250 million year old sediments, dating back to the Permian. These are poudingues, conglomerates and breccias with often altered elements: volcano-detrital deposits, sometimes rich in tuffs and volcanic ashes. These stony and sandy soils provide a poor soil, but where drainage is excellent and heating is rapid.

Riesling is the preferred grape variety of Muenchberg.

As early as the 12th century, the Cistercian monks of the nearby Baumgarten Abbey cultivated vines on the Muenchberg. Hence its name, which means "monks' mountain" in Alsatian.

A late-ripening noble grape variety such as Riesling reaches a rare fullness in this privileged climate. And as the fertility is low, the vine produces few grapes: it concentrates its qualities.

*Grand Cru Moenchberg : Marly sandstone soils:

This is the sandstone variant of the marl-limestone terroir. It is still tertiary scree whose pebbles are sandstone this time. The marl gives power to the wine while the sandstone lightens it. More generous than on an exclusively sandstone terroir, the wine's aromas are more complex than on a marl terroir.

The great strength of Moenchberg is to give fruity, rich and complex wines from their early youth, as well as great dry wines as splendid sweet wines. They can be recognized by their generous bone structure, perfectly balanced by an incisive acidity that gives them a note of freshness, even in hot vintages.

*Vendanges Tardives: Since 1984, the Vendanges Tardives label designates great sweet wines made from over-ripe grapes. The Vendanges Tardives must have a particularly high sugar content at harvest and can only be marketed after 18 months of maturation.

*Vieilles Vignes : AOC Alsace Vieilles Vignes wines, born from vines at least 25 years old, offer moments of tasting of a more intense finesse and elegance.

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