Domaine de Trévallon rouge 2012

Trévallon is known for its long aging process, more than 2 years for its reds. Racking is kept to a strict minimum, the lees found at the bottom of the barrels continue to nourish the wine during the ageing process


North Alpilles


Limestone and clay soil, very stony: Hauterivian et Barremian, second stage of the lower Cretaceous, less than 130 million years

In the vineyard

Beginning of the harvest: 24 September
End of the harvest: 5 October


No de-stemming, yeasting or sulphur. Agening 24 months in foudres and barrels. Fining with fresh egg white. No filtration before bottling.


Cabernet sauvignon : 50%
Syrah : 50%


Don't drink before 2020
Serve at 16°C

Tasting notes

Deep color
Aromas of wild blackberries, black cherries and garrigue which you also taste on the palate
Very present but nicely coated tannins, which creates a rounded sensation in the mouth

Ageing potential minimum 25 years.

Food and wine pairings

Rib of beef or roast beef joint