Fine Champenoise

Delicate and harmonious, this Geographical Indication (IG) eau-de-vie is obtained by the traditional distillation of wines coming exclusively from the Champagne vineyards.


It is on the impulse of his brother who cultivates the vineyard that Jean Goyard settles in
Champagne in 1911.
Originally from Burgundy, but from the Champagne region at heart, he saw the importance
of developing all the resources of the vineyard and participating in the balance of the
Champagne ecosystem.
In 1911, the Champagne region was in crisis and the wine that could not find a buyer was
dumped in the gutters.
He then created the first artisanal distillery in Aÿ. He then travels through the vineyards
and the countryside with his mobile still to distill his own wine, offering his services to all
the winegrowers.
We bring our co-products of wine making (grapevines, lees, wines of disgorgement) and
take back the elaborated products resulting from the biggest distillery of Champagne.


Aged for a long time in oak barrels to reach maturity, this harmonious sweet and round spirit is full of delicate floral and vanilla flavors.

Ageing potential

Enjoy all year long, 2 to 3 years, 3 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years, 10 to 15 years

Food pairings

Its subtle bouquet perfectly enhances all sweet or savory culinary preparations with which it is associated.
As a digestive, plain or on ice, it keeps all its freshness and lightness.