Domaine des Bernardins

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Domaine des Bernardins

A family estate for six generations, we still have one bottle of 1847 Muscat that demonstrates just how old it is. We started making wine at the beginning of the 19th Century at Domaine des Bernardins.

The property was previously owned by Bernardin monks before being transformed into a wine estate.

The vineyards and their terroir are the essence of our wines. This is where everything starts and where we focus our efforts throughout the year. You can’t make great wine without great grapes.

A few facts & figures :
Red: 7,8 hectares (19 acres). Grenache 70%, Syrah 25%, Mourvèdre 3%, Cinsault 2%
White: 17.2 hectares (43 acres). White Muscat à petits grains 75%, black Muscat à petits grains 25%