Domaine de Trévallon rouge 2007

One of the greatest vintages at Trévallon !

The wine

Trévallon is known for its long aging process, more than 2 years for its reds. Racking is kept to a strict minimum, the lees found at the bottom of the barrels continue to nourish the wine during the ageing process

The vintage

Nothing would have predicted a great vintage; no exceptional weather conditions, no early spring, no hot or dry summer. But right from the start of the harvest, we noticed that the grapes had a lot of flavour and were extraordinarily rich


North Alpilles


Limestone and clay soil, very stony: Hauterivian et Barremian, second stage of the lower Cretaceous, less than 130 million years

In the vineyard

Beginning of the harvest: 17 September. End of the harvest: 28 September


No de-stemming, yeasting or sulphur. Ageing 24 months in foudres and barrels. Fining with fresh egg white. No filtration before bottling


Cabernet sauvignon : 50%
Syrah : 50%


Do not open it before 2017 !
Decant 1 hour before tasting and serve at 16°C
Ageing potential up to 2026

Tasting notes

After the first pressings, we were 2007 would be powerful, rich and silky and very smooth. It is a both a fruity and spicy wine at the same time. This wine will be good as soon as it is bottled and then for another 30 years

Food and wine pairings

Game or rack of lamb or even red snapper on a bed of onions


"The 2007 was the best youthful vintage, already eminently drinkable with lovely a concentration of ripe and dark fruit." [+]
, -


" This has a much deeper colour than the 2009 and looks considerably younger. This dense, youthful, black wine has a fabulous nose of roasted barbecued meat with hints of straw and herbes de Provence. There is lots of fruit on the palate. This is a real powerhouse. Solid, chunky and with great depth and length. Certainly the best young Trevallon that I've tasted. " [+]