Combes d'Arnevels

Combes d'Arnevels

Today, this plot makes up a splendid unit of 25 uninterrupted hectares of wines, around an ancien little hunting shelter lost in the middle of trees, 4 km far from Chateauneuf du Pape Village. Since 1864, The Famille Quiot is the unique owner of this plot "les Combes d'Arnevels" located in the north-west of the appellation. Last century, this place was a hunting shelter, that means a place where men meet together to share their mind and to spend a good time with friends. The plots are located on stony terraces, very-well exposed to Mistral Wind, which improve the sanitary quality of the grape.
The vines are surrounded by several dozen hectares of woods offering an exceptional micro-climate. The soil, which is made up of chalky white rocks constitutes a real curiosity and gives the wine its individual character. Sun light is very important and the grapes reach very nice degrees of maturation.This lieu-dit takes its name of "Combes" from the undulating backdrop of the landscape and from "Arnevel", a prickly Mediterranean shrub. Because of the affect links between Famille Quiot and this place added to the personality of this plot and its vegetation, Famille Quiot wants to keep the name "les Arnevels" as to propose several wines from Côtes du rhône and Provence.
The "Arnevels" which Franch name is "paliure" is a thorny mediterranean shrub, bushy with tortuous and rampant stalks, covered with a a grayish bark. The oval, toothed leaves in blade of saw are dark green on the superior face. Flowers, small, yellow are grouped in parasols rowers. The fruit is tough, dry, of the shape of a flying saucer. The legend tells that it would have served to make the crown thorns of the Christ but some people think that it would have been the Jujubier of Palestine.
Formerly, "Paliure" was used to make defensive hedges. Now, it is used in herbalist shop and homeopathy for its draining virtues on the urea and the uric acid.


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