First range of the vineyard, Château Montaud rosé is made with grapes rigorously selected from the best parcels.
Available in magnum, 75cl, 50cl and 37,5cl


Mainly composed of shale and sandstone, the domaine’s Permian soils are poor and thus require the wines to take root deeply. This allows them to benefit from the full characteristics of the land. The grapes flourish under the Mediterranean sun, which enables them to acquire their full flavor.
Grenache : 50%
Cinsault : 40%
Syrah : 5%
Tibouren : 5%
Farming Label: Haute Valeur Environnementale
Haute Valeur Environnementale


The ideal temperature to be served: 10° to 13°C
Tasting notes
Lively and fleshy. Lightly acidulous with a hint of citrus and cherry.
Owing to our soil which is rather schisty, the final remains frank with a
mineral tinge.
Food pairing
As an aperitive with little vegetables and provencal custards or with
Sausage and meat pies. It perfectly suits seafood dishes, mediterranean
or exotic ones and japanese meals.


"GREAT VALUE . Who can argue against a delicious rosé from Provence that comes in typical Provence bottles "
, -
"Côtes de Provence rosé, ... d'un beau rose très pâle, légèrement épicé, de robe soutenue et brillante, associant nervosité et suavité, de belle finale persistante. "
, -
"Frais, lisse, souple, il reste en toute simplicité."
"Très aromatique, belle attaque, belle longueur"