Sainte Victoire Rose 2020

At the foot of the Mont Sainte Victoire, 15 kms from Aix en Provence, in the commune of Puyloubier, this domaine was bought in 1890, by Aurélien Houchart, a negociant and friend of Cézanne and grand-grand father of Geneviève Quiot. 90-hectare family estate, it has been farmed since Roman times, when it must have been a “Villa”, a patrician home of the period, some distance away from the “Via Aurelia”.


The wine
The Sainte Victoire appellation is a terroir on the southern foothills of the Sainte-Victoire mountain (east from Aix-en-Provence) which extends to the ranges of the Olympus and Aurelian Mountains. This Area has very specific geo-climatic characteristics (poor, well-drained soils formed of limestone and clayey sandstone). This terroir benefits from exceptional sunshine and a slightly continental nuances climate, protected in the south from maritime influences by the Aurelian Mountains and the Sainte-Baume massif. The action of the mistral cleanses the vineyard. The grapes ripen later there than in the rest of the Côtes de Provence appellation, which gives the wines a characteristic freshness.
Gravel and limestone soils, poor and well-drained ( new Côtes de Provence Appelation)
In the vineyard
In traditional culture, the work in the vineyard favors the work of the soil and the preservation of the environment.
Direct pressing then settling at 12°C. Fermented at 18°.
Aging on fine lees for a few months. The production decree allows a more precarious marketing in recent years. Our Sainte Victoire is available from the beginning of the year following the harvest.
Grenache noir


Serve at 10 to 12°C in order to benefit from the aromatic breadth.
Ageing potential
Enjoy all year long, 2 to 3 years
Tasting notes
An explosion of summer flowers, melon, peach, orange and even papaya on a very mineral background.
Visual appearance
Clear colour
At the nose
Aromas of red fruits (strawberry, currant).
On the palate
The "terroir" special minerality is well to be fore.
Food pairings
12°C as an peritif, with salads and savoury tarts.