la kave à vélo

Ride through the vineyards of central Alsace and its soils,

by electric bike.

Travel in the open air, in the heart of the Alsace wine route !

Discover the vineyard landscape from NOTHALTEN, a small village in the Barr region.

Admire the surrounding heritage and its curiosities.

You will be able to move freely, in connection with nature, for an activity which will put all your senses on the alert!

To finish the day, your taste buds will discover our terroirs through a wine tasting

at the KOBLOTH Estate in NOTHALTEN.

Half-day or full-day rental, different itineraries possible.

Helmets provided.

Individuals / Groups of 10 persons

Reservation directly on
Haute Valeur Environnementale
Vigneron Indépendant