This vintage bottle is presented in a personalized, original and full of history design. Created in 1950 by Baroness Rasque Laval who gave this name in honor of the Knights of Medusa who had the habit of "Lamper wine", literally "drink in one gulp large quantities of wine" before each induction, this bottle brand spirits.

The heart of the Château’s production. Very expressive, structured wines but more accessible than the two former Cru Classé wines. The balance between finesse and complexity of this line will seduce a large public. The Rosé wines are a blend of direct press juices and macerated juices which gives these wines a subtle mixture between strength and finesse. The White wines are partially vinified in oak barrels and in steel vats. Long macerations, daily movements of the wine and oak ageing for 12 months for the Red wine.

The vintage Lampe de méduse - Cru Classé comes in 3 colors and offers complex aromas for each.

Presentation of wines:

Château Sainte Roseline

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