This exceptional wine is produced in a very limited quantity; it is made

from a strict selection of our best parcels, in order to get the most perfect

grapes possible. The obtained complex and fine wines rival with the greatest

French wines. With this cuvee we show the perfect mastering of our know

how, to satisfy leading restaurants or wine connoisseurs.

The Chapel of Sainte Roseline, presented in a prestigious bottle, "the vintage of coronations", is the fruit of knowledge of the area and the quintessence of production.

High 100% in barrels for white and red, this range of AOP Côtes de Provence, is produced in very limited quantities. The red is only available in great vintages.

Discover vintage Chapelle Sainte Roseline red, white or rosé according to your preferences:

Château Sainte Roseline

Château Sainte Roseline, 83460 Les Arcs sur Argens, France
Tel: 04 94 99 50 30
Fax: 04 94 47 53 06