Champagne BARNAUT à Bouzy depuis 1874
Champagne creators for five generations

High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne cerificationsIn

1874, Edmond BARNAUT married with the heiress of an old family of wine growers in Bouzy, Appoline GODMÉ-BARANCOURT, and created his own trademark of Champagne.

Since this era, in the silence and the freshness of the caves of pure chalk and of red bricks, operates the mystery of the birth of Champagne.
In this family cradle where each bottle ripened during several years, we come to inspire us of the philosophy of our ancestors.
With their usages and the present knowledge and techniques, the curiosity and the quest of the perfection allow us to imagine and to progress.

At the beginning, there is the Vine: this liana which it is necessary to know to overcome, for its fruit brings to the men joy, refinement and user-friendliness.
It is necessary consequently well know it for tame and control it, reason its protection, respect its environment. It is necessary to observe and understand the Nature, the soils and the climate to be in harmony with this plant, because there is good wine only with good grape.

At first the Champagne is a wine. It must be full, pleasing, subtle, harmonious. It must fill you of emotions, invade you, transport you ,do to dream you , commit the spontaneity and suggest the thought. It is before everything the reflection of the personality of its winemaker, and the expression of his philosophy aand his research of the perfection.
When harvesting, it is necessary to separate, vinifie each fraction, differentiate each provenance. Then it will be the blend (assemblage), which with this vast palette of different bases, will give all the nuances and the subtleties which will be exhaled by the mousse. And wait now that the mysterious alchemy of wine achieves.

Homage to the patient work of the men and the women who sublimates what the nature offers of good. Searches of knowledge, rigor, intuition, observation and understanding enliven a process that inspires each generation .


Champagne BARNAUT à Bouzy depuis 1874

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