In 1868 Docteur Guyot, who was at the forefront of initial modern scientific approaches to French viticulture, delivered his thoughts borne out of his study of the Limoux vineyards:« It’s through it’s red wines that Limoux shines and should rightfully figure among the list of good wines”.

He thus bestowed the red wines of Limoux with these noble credentials.

From the same belief the Cave Anne de Joyeuse was founded in 1929 to vinify the red wines of Limoux and the Upper Aude valley.

The winegrowers, realising over time the exceptional quality of their terroir, started planting the first noble grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in 1972.

Thus, the Cave Anne de Joyeuse became the first and most important Southern French vineyard to commit 100% to individual site selection based on terroir.

It lead to the establishment of its white wines as AOP Limoux White in 1989 and its red wines as AOP Limoux Red in 2004.

Cave Anne de Joyeuse

41, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 11300 Limoux, France
Tel: 33 + (0)4 68 74 79 40
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