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› The wine

First range of the vineyard, this wine is produced with grapes rigorously selected from the best parcels.
The vineyard produce 5 different white grapes which represents only 5% of the production.

› Terroir

Mainly composed of shale and sandstone, the domaine’s Permian soils are poor and thus require the wines to take root deeply. This allows them to benefit from the full characteristics of the land. The grapes flourish under the Mediterranean sun, which enables them to acquire their full flavor.

› Varietals

Rolle : 100%

› Specifications

Farming Label: Haute Valeur Environnementale

• Advice

› Serving

The ideal temperature to be served: 10° to 13°

› Tasting notes

Fresh and nervous with a good aromatic length in the mouth.

› Food pairing

As an aperitif with little vegetables and “ tapenade” or “ caviar d’aubergine”.
During the meal, with seafood, but also with white meat: veal, fowl or Asian dishes.

• Reviews

"Long en bouche, harmonieux, complexe"
"... aux senteurs de pomme, de fleurs blanches et d'amande, d'une belle persistance, avec des connotations de poire mûre au palais..."
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